the problem

as the graph below shows, San Diego is facing a challenge.

investment in San Diego software is growing, but only at single digit rates. compared to cities such as Austin and Phoenix, we are falling behind. furthermore, established software companies are being acquired and moved out of town. software has been an important business cluster in San Diego for over 20 years and we need to make sure this remains the case.

the solution

swarm intends to help improve the state of software investment in San Diego.

by linking software entrepreneurs with established investors we hope to improve the chart above and improve the volume of activity in our city. we are hoping to bring together software entrepreneurs and software investors and do something positive for the software community.

swarm theory

why did we choose the name swarm? we are interested in swarm theory and think it has an application here in helping to solve our problem. swarm theory argues that while a single ant or bee is not smart, their colonies are. colonies are capable of solving very complex problems unthinkable for individuals to solve on their own. we are hoping that by working together we can make a difference and try to reaccelerate software in San Diego.­2007/07/swarms/miller-text

the movement

swarm was inspired by conversations with Brant Cooper at StartUp San Diego, Bruce Bigelow of Xconomy and Eric Otterson at Cooley, all three of whom are on the front lines of trying to improve the lives of entrepreneurs in san diego. we are pleased to be working together with them on this project.

the following investment firms and organizations are supporting swarm:

TVC Capital, LLC
San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation
Cooley LLP
Tech Coast Angels

swarm #1

san diego - may 2014

the following organizations participated in swarm #1:

Tap Hunter
The Educated Investor

Many More to Come!

how to apply

are you interested in presenting your company at the next swarm event?
are you an investor that would like to attend the next swarm event?

please send an email to